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Dream Awake Tarot Is A Hybrid

 a  fusion of oracle and tarot, a masculine and feminine merger of androgyny--targeting the corpus callosum in our brain structure. 


orthodox tarot is not only Eurocentric in nature but it also has a number of subconscious patriarchal and Roman Catholic undertones. 


by the end of your 33-Days of Self-Love experience, you come to your own conclusions about "how" this merger occurs 

What Is The Corpus Callosum? 


Think of the corpus callosum as a psychic medium. A medium picks up information from loved ones in the spirit realm and communicates that information to a person in the material realm; so too can the corpus callosum

act as a go-between to facilitate inter-hemisphere communication .


The corpus callosum assists the left hemisphere of the brain; which is, responsible for controlling the right side of the body by way of, administering logical tasks with the right hemisphere of the brain; which coordinates the left side of the body, and performs tasks that have do with creativity and the arts. 

Why Merge Tarot & Oracle?
  1. Dream Awake Tarot  (36 cards) leaves you to intuitively choose the images that you feel resonate with the major arcana. Within the pages of your playbook, you will name the cards and provide your own intuitive oracle insight in the description spaces provided; as well as, acquire additional metaphysical knowledge as you journey through your 33 days.

This practice, leaves space for creative interpretation.

No two minds see any given subject matter exactly the same and the hopeful vision is to engage in conversation about what we each see through our own eyes and how they relate and differ as a collective. 



What are alchemists saying about their

33 Days of Self Love Experience? 

I am constantly reminded (or I feel from you) that you do what you do so we can remind each other to simply love ourselves right where we are. Right where I am is always exactly where I need to be - be that place internal or physical etc...
I am worthy of that. Nowhere Now. Here. FAVORITE! Yum!
What I do, how I show up, my presence, my contributions.. they matter... after hearing the stories of the women in the group, it again reminded me why this work is needed - why I'm needed. My responses and my amount of participation contributes to my own experience in the environment and everyone elses.... you took the little pictures in your head then created tarot cards and an online community where women care share, feel, explore, tell their truth... and that matters... because even if its just 2, we need more people to share feel explore and tell their truth... It's like a microcosm of the world.
Jacara J.
Founder of Honor Thy Coochie 

Are You Prepared to Put Yourself First For 33 Days? 


self study is one of the easiest ways to dissolve the false realities that play themselves like a musical loop over and over until we face the two way mirror. 

When you are ready to see beyond everything you believe to be real, all the resources, relationships, and opportunities make themselves available to you. 

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